COALA Global

COALA ( is an international multidisciplinary collaborative research and development initiative that endeavors to bring clarity and reduce legal uncertainty in the field of blockchain technologies, smart contracts and decentralized applications. It is intended to support the development and facilitate the deployment of blockchain based applications in today's regulatory framework.

COALA's founding members are Constance Choi, Primavera de Filippe, and Amor Sexton.

COALA also has a world-class scientific committee -- a multidisciplinary, independent group of academics that provide independent review and oversight of COALA’s projects. Members include Elaine Shi, Lawrence Lessig, Joichi Ito, Urs Grasser, Nick Szabo, Bruce Schneier, Don Tapscott, Harald Stieber, Dan Boneh, and Niva Elkin-Koren. 

COALA IP Working Group

At each of its workshops since Oct 2015, COALA has had a working group on Intellectual Property. The goal has been to develop an IP protocol.

Contributors include (in alphabetical order): Juan Benet (IPFS), Constance Choi, Primavera de Filippi (COALA), Dor Konforty (Synereo), Trent McConaghy (BigchainDB), Greg McMullen (IPDB), Simon de la Rouviere (ConsenSys / Ujo), Diana Stern (Distributive).

The group built on protocols devised by others, including: LCC (Godfrey Rust, more), JSON-LD (Manu Sporny, more), Interledger (Stefan Thomas, Evan Schwartz, Dimitri de Jonghe), and IPLD (Juan Benet).

The group wrote this academic paper on how blockchains can support, complement, or supplement IP.

COALA IP Specs / Whitepaper

The spec / whitepaper was written by Tim Daubenschütz, Greg McMullen, and Brett Sun.


Tim Daubenschütz and Brett Sun wrote the first implementation of the IP protocol, in Python. It was during this process that the detailed specs and the whitepaper really got fleshed out.

There are surely others on this list. If you have contributed then please let us know!

Get involved!

If you'd like to help contribute new implementations, or revise the whitepaper, that's great! Here's how.

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