A blockchain-ready, community-driven protocol for intellectual propertylicensing


Low-Friction IP handling

Blockchain startup asking how to handle the nuances of IP? Larger rights holder looking for more value from your existing content? CoalaIP allows you to connect with creatives and audiences seamlessly win-win for all.

Secure attribution & Licensing

Developed with creatives in mind, for a blockchain-style approach to attribution & sharing. Immutable storage, shared infrastructure, IP assets that "live" on the network. The dream of semantic web, practically implemented.

All Media

Works for all media formats, plays well with existing protocols like DDEX (music), and PLUS photos and mashups like video stills

Network Agnostic

Can span multiple networks using protocols for value transfer (Interledger), cryptographic integrity (IPLD) and linked data (Json-LD,


Developed in the open by a community effort, (COALA). Available under a Creative Commons license. Use how you like, just give attribution